WordPress VS Other Website Platforms - Everything You Should Know

WordPress VS Other Website Platforms - Everything You Should Know

Business owners are increasingly getting involved in, and paying attention to the digital marketing of their businesses, and as a business owner, you already know that an effective and easy-to-use website is vital for your business. Even so, people still find it hard to choose a Content Management System (CMS), mainly because they aren’t aware of the differences, benefits and technicalities.

This is where WordPress comes in. The CMS is an award-winning, free and open-source web creation platform that gives other website creation services a run for their money.


At Marketing Wiz, we strongly believe in using WordPress for our clients’ website needs, and you continue reading, you’ll find out exactly why.


When they say free, they mean free

As we have already mentioned above, WordPress is free. Not only can you use the platform without paying a cent, it also give users the freedom to use it the way they need to. You can download, setup and add/create content on WordPress without incurring any costs.

Hiring a web designer and developer have a big and unnecessary impact on small business’ budget, which means that they often end up settling for a website that at worst, hinders their online presence.

This is why we love WordPress. The platform easily caters for a wide range of business needs, and can be used to create websites of any size and in almost any context, be it ecommerce, creative, business, community or various other types of sites, without you having to struggle to make your budget work.


WordPress is an Open-source system

Open source means that anyone, anywhere can work on WordPress without licensing restrictions. While this may sound strange, it means in actual fact that with a skilled development team, that you can use this incredibly powerful platform to create a website that sees to your business’ unique needs.

There is definitely a reason why some of the world’s biggest brands like CNN, Mercedes-Benz, CBS New York, Harvard Business Review and Vogue use WordPress. By using the platform’s excellent stability and capability to be adapted to almost any business requirement, it is one of the most powerful and easy ways to create a solid foundation for your business’ digital marketing platform.


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